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ASP.NET Master Page Controls, Contents or methods make available to all Derived pages.

Referencing Custom Master Page technique could be very help in the situation in which you want to access some master page to its Content pages e.g. User open a website and He/She gets Login to website now you needs user ID on every derived page to use or fetch some information from the database. It can be done in few easy steps

1. In Master page (Code behind file) make public property

public String UserID


get{ return (String)Session[“UserIdNumber”]; }

set{ Session[“UserIdNumber”] = value; }


2. After all @Page Directives properties Add @ MasterType declaration

<%@ Page Language = “C#” MasterPageFile = “~/Interface.master” …. %>

<@ MasterType VirtualPath = “~/Interface.master” %>

3. now simply Reference the Master page Property from the Content Page


String userId = Master.UserID;

it was the overall procedure to use this technique to set one property and accessible for all content pages.

to access control in child page FindControl method can be used

this code should be in Page_Load method and master page control must be public

Label lblUserID = (Label)Master.FindControl(“lblLoginUserID”);

lblUserID.Text = “Any value :-)”;


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